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New guy from the 250L forum, gonna be a 650 guy soon!

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Hi Guys

Old school racer from the Cali glory days, from OC, been living/teaching in Thailand last 15 yrs, now teaching on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico! 

Had a pretty tricked out L in Thailand, but left it there-enclosed a pic if anyone cares! Was thinking of a 450X now thinking seriously of 650R, 2000-2007(is there much diff between the years?).

Looking on CL in So Cal for a good one(its all relative). My hope is still good in the dirt but it will be an everyday ride and ADV for exploring Mexico, as I did with my L. Having a auto is not really a priority!

Feel free to input things to look for or anything to make it better-I am in the process of combing thru ALL the postings. Q-anyone do a Rekluse or auto clutch, modding the engine for long term reliability(SS valves, oil cooler, elect. starter, etc.),  just a few examples. Reliability is number 1! 

Don't think me a dweeb if I post questions for some of your posts, just getting up to speed! Any L q's feel free to ask.

Thx guys!




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No difference at all in the different years of Rs.  I've heard that Honda addressed the clutch basket center bushing oiling problem in later models but I'm not sure.  That's really the only problem I know of with them.  I had a 2000 model and never experienced a problem with the bushing.  They're great bikes though.

Some countries had street legal models of the R available, with DC electrical systems with turn signals and such.  That may make it easier in Mexico for commuting.  There are also a bunch in the US that have been made street legal and some have DC charging systems added.  Either way, there are plenty of good ones out there to be found though.  

Never had a Rekluse but a whole bunch being ran can't be wrong.

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