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2000 husky sms 610

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So I've had this bike (sms 610) for around 10 years. I haven't used it for a few years and I've now started to get it back to its former glory. So I have a few questions If anybody can answer I'd appreciate all of your help:


-Apart from a service and checking the valves are there any other mechanical bits I should check whilst it's half in pieces.


-Can any newer plastics fit the bike? I have the rear end from the 570 which I crudely put on a few years ago. It looks ok but it doesn't really like up. The main issue is the airbox as it doesn't line up to where the old one used to be. I was thinking about using the 570 airbox but is that a kickstart only? As I am unsure where I would then put the battery. I would love to put the 2006 610 plastics on but I am unsure if this can be done or if the tank etc is different.


Thanks all

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