Rear axle nut

So the rear axle nut on me 17 450sxf had always been tightened with an open end wrench. But that wrench is no wheres to to be found. I never torqued it because 50 something ft lbs seemed like a lot. So I just tighten by feel because he recommended feels way to tight. What do you guys think. 

would that wrench even budge that nut at 50 ft lb ?


I torque my rear axle nut to 70 lbs. and have removed it multiple times on the trail with the motion pro ti spoon/wrench combo tool. 

ok just wondering cause i always torque mine to whatever spec is - and ive never used the ktm tool - yet

It just seems like a lot. I use an in lb torque wrench and its a good one but it just feels like a lot of torque.

The 59 ft/lbs. that it calls for is actually on the light side, compared to Japanese pervious bike, yz250f for instance, called for 98 ft/lbs. 

Personally, I always use a torque wrench.  There is a lot of force being applied to rear wheel, so it's a good idea to make sure everything is tighten to spec (or close to, at least).  Too little can lead to the wheel shifting, and too much can cause binding.

In garage, torque to spec. with torque wrench.


On the trail, with 12in wrench, just stand on it with and estimated 50 pounds weight.

Okay thanks guys. I guess ill stop being a puss and just torqye toi spec.

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