92-95 CR250 service Manual

Hey all, does anyone have a PDF service manual for a 95 or newer CR250. Doing fork seals and a few other maintenance items and would like to review the manual. I cannot find anything online regarding the forks on the 95 and older models. Not sure exactly how to bleed the inner fork cartridge.  Thanks :)

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If you are a Facebook user, you can go to "CRs Only" group on Facebook and join up to the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/771937119520313/ You will need to go to the computer version of Facebook (not a Phone App) and you will find a files section in the upper left. In that files section there are many Honda FSM and owners manuals for the various CR bikes. There is a 92' to 96' Honda Factory Service manual in there for download in PDF all free as well as several other manuals.



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