Is this bad? cam lobes worn?

So i just got a 2012 kx450f i take it apart to check the valves and they are all too loose and the cams look like this. should i just re shim and go ride? This is my first four stroke and first time dealing with this stuff the bike seems to run fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




It doesn't look like too much wear should be good get valves in spec an go ride

For some reason the clearances are all too big i thought they got tight over time.

They will zero out over it hard to start?

An if the gap is to big you need to add a thicker shim to bring then closer to what the spec is on them

No it starts easy 2nd kick. Manual says the max on the exhaust is .22mm mine are .33 and .36 and intake max is .15 mine are at .17 and .21

They need bigger shims under the buckets the bring them closer in spec

those lobes look fine - just re-shim 

Do nothing.  RIDE.  Check clearances again in 10 hours.

The bearing surface for the exhaust cam appears to have some damage. 



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