First time Husky owner, 2017 TC250

I picked up my first Husky on Thursday. I rode a 2017 TC last Sunday and decided that was an expensive ride as I had to have one afterwards. I am a die hard two stroke guy, former local pro (motocross), and am coming off of a 125sx, which I plan on keeping.

What I am curious about is what you 2017+ TC250 owners are finding you like/dislike. I like a hard hitting bike, so I will be playing with that as this motor is strong, but mellow. My other concern is the AER48. This is my first experience with an air fork.


So far my intended mod list is as follows:

Pro Circuit Works pipe and R-304

V-Force 4 reeds

Revalve Suspension (potentially a spring conversion if necessary too)

Shiny parts as they apply.


I intend on keeping the bike for a while so I dont mind spending a little to tune it to my needs. I am also wondering who you guys like to go through for parts, I am finding alot of places limited on what they carry for this particular model.


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Added to response

304 works better than the r304, way more over rev, very noticeable

Thanks man, does anyone have any experience with how a boyesen RAD valve versus a V-Force4?

the RAD just came out for these bikes, probably same as any other RAD.

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