Damping Rod Locknut

The YZFX manual says to maintain a gap between the "adjuster" and the locknut on the damping rod. By definition nothing is getting locked unless contact. Huh?????  Manual says "correct damping force can not be obtained" unless gap is set. Can build in the proper gap but the adjuster is not locked in and I'd hate to think that all the movement down there may unspool something. What does this mean? Always have just tightened down adjuster to locknut but experiencing harshness in fork and now wondering if this is part of reason.


5 hours ago, XDAB said:

Always have just tightened down adjuster to locknut

By my understanding I'd say that's the opposite of the intended purpose.


The gap is to ensure the rebound adjuster assy. (clicker) is bottomed lightly (by hand) against the rod and not the locknut,

making sure the set height of the adjuster versus the internal piston rod is always the same.

Once snug and holding the adjuster with a wrench so it doesn't turn / loosen, you then tighten the lock nut against it.


Once the adjuster is snug on the rod, only the locknut is turned/torqued.

Overtightening the adjuster on the rebound rod may flare out the ends of the aluminium piston rod, also shortening it's overall length. 


Harshness is likely not related, what other settings did you change ?

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OK. Makes sense. Bring the lock nut up to the adjuster once adjuster is set thereby eliminating gap. Gap requirement just to ensure that lock nut doesn't interfere while positioning adjuster. I guess I knew that but was reading manual like the gap was to be maintained for some strange reason. Thanks mlatour.

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