polished stainless or regular stainless spokes

what are most using. am ordering some spokes for smPro Platinum matte black rims candy red hubs. Not sure whether to get polished or regular stainless steel spokes.

Not sure if the polished would look too chrome/ shiny like for a dirt bike , or not. 

I have not been able to see either in the flesh, i live in Africa. so i have to order sight unseen.

what say ye all.

Get regular. Any future imperfections would stand out. Unless you have a trailer queen.

imperfections ?  could just polish out i would think. more interested in what they look like aesthetically. are the non polished sort of matte looking.  like i say, sounds silly, but i have never seen what they look like in person.  

The matte looks like a stainless steel fridge, the polished like chrome.

ok Thanks . think i will go for the fridge option :) 

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