5 free horsepower

I currently do not even have the TPS, or a Hot Start, or even a Choke. With the Edelbrock carb it’s just a carb, that’s it, it doesn’t even have jets?? Just an adjustable flat needle. The bike runs the best it ever has, I really couldn't comment on the difference with the TPS plugged in or not, with a whole new carb there was a lot going on their.

Pilot, you are giving the TPS on the 450 a whole lot more credit than it deserves. Without going into a long drawn out post, everything you stated is right on...IF you were talking EFI. The TPS on the carberated 450 has a much simpler job, similar to what you described. Low RPM, HIGH load situation, BUT...the reason I disconnected the TPS in the first place was because there was a "glitch" in the CDI program. At around 8,000rpm the HP and TQ curves take a healthy dip in their curves...my explanation for the "hit" everyone was talking about. When the TPS is disconnected, the dip smooths out, the curves continue to rise, translating into smoother and more power. The YZ and CRs use basically the same FCR with the same TPS sensor...the difference being the CR's map is correct, whereas the YZ's has a small "glitch".

There are many riders who have been using this mod for 2 years now with no ill effects, matter of fact I have need read anyone posting that they did not like the mod's effects.

I never said there was a problem with disconnecting it or not. Its just good to know what you're doing. Since most people unplug the TPS without even knowing what its job is.

The 04 YZ450 has a different map that the 03. When you remove the TPS from the system it will have a different affect. As it will with any YZF with a different map.

I was just stating what the TPS is SUPPOSED to do. Now how well it REALLY does its job is up to Yamaha.

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