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    • By faizakhtar125
      I've heard if you put VForce Reeds, properly jet your carb and clean the carb, change the exhaust pipe, clean the airbox and put a new air filter, and properly fix the shocks to match your weight, you can gain a ton of power?
    • By Xander Spehar
      So I have bought a new FMF Gnarly for my 99 yz250 and it arrived today. Upon inspection I can see plenty of rust on the inside of it, and rubbing my finger on the inside removes small black (assuming metal) fragments. Bit worried to throw it on as sucking rust etc. into my cylinder does not excite me. Should i contact the supplier (don't want to wait/pay more though), clean it myself or put it on and hope it will blow out the crap before it sucks it in ?

    • By Toadmeister00
      This exhaust pipe and silencer have very low hours and are in great condition. There is a small ding/ scratch on the expansion chamber (circled in red in pic).  The pipe is bare metal and the silencer is aluminum.
      This is a proprietary pipe made by FMF for WMR specifically for 105, 110 and 112cc supermini builds. The outlet of the pipe is larger than stock and the accompanying silencer must be used.
      Asking $275/shipped
    • By Hoserama
      FMF full exhaust for RMZ450.  Should fit 08-17.  Took it off my '14. Megabomb header and carbon fiber tip.  Good condition.  No dents in header pipe.  $400 plus ship in U.S. only.
    • By faizakhtar125
      Like this comment if you have a YZ. I want to see how many people have YZ's, especially YZ125's