What do you all think about Dunlop 739G ?

Any advice with this particular tire.....? Dunlop 739G, it appears to be the only brand name tire made specially for 4 strokes bikes, well, at least the manufacturer says that ! Is it a good tire compared with bridgestones, maxxis, cheng shings, etc........?


These are stock on the US bikes, I had no worries about them while they were on, I just fitted mine with 756's Front / Rear and so far I dont like the wear. but they handle as good I believe for were I ride at as the 739g. Dif is the costs 30 bucks more.

So there is your Gimmick

Made for thumpers cost 30 bucks more. :)

All of the tire manufacturers are very lcose as long as you stick with the big names DUNLOP, BRIDGESTONE, MAXXIS, MICHELIN etc.

I have used ChengShins a long time ago but they werent all that great. Bought to save money.

The 739G is a good tire at least if you ride a lot of hard pack and I actually bought 739 front and rear for my CR. But they really suck when it gets sloppy.

I agree with EGO on the 756s they are a great tire. But as always it just dependso nthe conditions that you are riding in.

My pics are:

soft - Dunlop 773

Medium - Dunlop 756

Hard - Dunlop 739

But I do hear a lot of good things about the Maxxis intermediate rear and they are only like $39.

If you want cheap tires go to Rockymountain MCs website they are around $50 apiece for Dunlops.


I will most likly go back to the 739's once the 756's are gone.

Although I have been looking at the perrili's

The 739s work great on hard pack, but you lose a lot on soft dirt, loam and wet conditions. I swapped to the 756s, which is the most versatile tire I have ever used. It is not quite as good as the 739 on true hard pack, but is far superior in most other conditions.

I've only ran 739's on my bike. They outlasted my buddies bridgestone on his KX250 by half. I ride hardpack unless I use a paddle tire so I couldn't comment on them in loam or mud. I dig em for desert riding.

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