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2002 KX125 stuck in gear

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Hi guys,

This is my first post ever here on TT. I recently bought a 2002 kx125, the guy I bought it from put a brand new crank in along with a top end. It starts and runs great. My problem is it seems like it's stuck in gear. It will click down like first gear, but then when you shift a half click up (neatural) it still acts like it's in gear and then it won't click up any farther. I am out of town for thanksgiving but I was wondering if you guys have any idea what might be going on so I know what I need to do when I get home after the holidays. Thanks so much. 


Ryland Rimmasch 

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let me ask you a question or two before I throw out my suggestion.

1) does the shift lever feel like it free floats back to center after you press on it?

2) does it feel hard to shift like it takes excess force to get it down into gear?

3) will the bike drive in the one gear, or does it lock up the tranny when you try to drive?

As for suggestions I'd start with the following:  

1) Pull the clutch cover and see if things look lined up per service manual.

2) I'd check to see if the two small spring loaded plates (picture #2)that sit inside the shift drum actuator (picture #3)are correctly positioned.  If the guy who built it put then in backwards (easy to do) it will lock up the shift drum actuator when you bolt down the goofy shaped plate (picture #1 that had UP on it) that holds everything in place.  I'll post a pic of the area in question, but it will be a Honda version.

3) If it's not either of the prementioned problems you may be going deeper into the motor.

keep us posted.

good luck




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