I'd like a couple opinions on how much my bike is worth. It only has about 40 hours on it. I am advertising on the internet, but plan on putting it in the Cycle Trader soon. I was thinking about $4000... what do you guys think? Check out for pictures of the bike. Thanks!


Big number 1!

I bought a 2000 for $4000, that didn't have all the Renthal stuff on it.

Thanks for the reply... so you think i would be able to sell it for $4k in the Cycle Trader? It would be great if some people could tell me what they got their 2000 426 for, that way i know where to start.

Originally posted by Oregon Thumper:

Big number 1!

Lol... those are electrical tape letters. My specialty


1 was the easiest number to do... so i went with it, lol.

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