anyone know anything about the FMF TI-4?

OK, here's my ordeal, I have been having bad popping on decel on my 01 YZ426.. Just found air leakage around the screws on the bottom part of my FMF TI-4 exhaust, on the side where it connects to the midpipe.. OK, I took it apart to check the packing etc, when once I got it apart the rod that sits in the middle that goes from back to front, well, it has melted somewhat to where there is not a even connection with it and the cap.. Which is where I believe it has made it leak.. Now, question is this.. Can I buy a new round metal tube to replace that one. I saw where I can get the packing but I also need that round tube that sits inside the exhaust.. Also, would that leakage be the cause of my popping on decel? Thx in advance for any help on this...



01 YZ426F Plenty of goodies.

I would call FMF.....I have the same pipe but have never seen that part for sale. I've repacked mine so I know the tube you're talking about.

I've called. They wont sell that part. I have a smashed exhaust and that piece is in tact. Only the outer shell is bent. The pipe had less than 10 rides on it. I'll sell it to you for 50 bucks plus shipping. If your interested PM me.

aarrgghhh, why could'nt I have talked with you yesterday.. I already talked with FMF,, and placed an order for a new exhaust.From another shop other then FMF direct. Old one is out the door.. Thx for the offer..



01 YZ426F Plenty of goodies.

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