cannot shift into 1st gear ? please help !!!

My 2000 yz426f will not shift into 1st gear ? I've split the cases and theres no visable damage ,I even installed new shift forks to no prevail,bike will shift smoothly from neutral to 5th but just won't go into 1st.has anyone had this problem ?.I'm completly baffled and at wit's end,any input is greatly appreciated !!!!

Is the shifter obstructed from shifting down, I.E. catching the frame ? or ?

Only other thing would be that something is bent and the arms are not actuating the drome somehow...

I have the transmission casing on my work bench and can rotate the shift drum from neutral to fifth gear with ease .

Does the arm look bent or is it missing a cog on the drum

if you are in fifth, push down the shifter four times, and that's it.... :)

did u check the clutch adjust? my baby did that a few times, and when i adjust it... its gone, no more problems :D

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