kickstarter broken free from mechanism internaly on 04 yz450 with 1 hr

I broke the bike in according to the dealer. I got on to the bike the next morning and kicked it twice, the third time I kicked it thumped a few times, kicked back hard, and when I kicked her again the kickstarter went limp. The trans seems to be seized as well. Could the spring inside have broken and dropped to the bottem of the crankcase and jammed things up ?

how long have you had it... 1 hr... sounds like a defect that the dealer should take care of i'd definitely take it back and have him do the work before thinking about craking the case open

My 03' YZ450 had kickstarter problems when it was a month old. Actually I "thought" I noticed something a little funny two or three times before that. I kept my eye on it and one day I noticed the kickstart lever was returning a few degrees forward of its normal spot. It was still working, but I quit riding and took it in to the dealer. They fixed it for free, although it was out of warranty by a few days. Some little stop had bent inside.

I have read of several others having kickstart problems as well, the shaft breaking being the most common. I think I just caught mine early.

I have learned that it just takes a real easy and steady kick to start the thing. Nothing at all like the "snap" a 2 stroke needs to fire quickly. Its a hard habit to break. Are you just coming off a 2 stroker?


YOu probably broke the kick start gear in half. I have seen a few WR450s at the dealer with this problem.

Dont ride the bike! Get it fixed ASAP

That is exactly what happened to mine. I ended up breaking the kickstart idler gear in half and a few other parts including the whole clutch assembly. I contacted the dealer where I bought it (Extreme Motorsports in Provo/Orem Utah) and they went to bat for me. Thay contacted Yamaha and got Yamaha to warranty the parts only. I had to pay for the labor. The mechanics ended up NOT having to split the cases. Thay were able to fish out all the pieces. I have ridden the bike very little since getting it fixed. I installed a magnetic drain plug from Zip-Ty Racing. Ihave ridden it just a little bit around my house just to try and collect any small pieces that may still be floating around. I have changed the oil three times and collected very few fragments. I figured it would be cheaper to run a few quarts of oil through it first rather than going out for a major run and finding out that all the pieces were not found.

Props to Arnie at Extreme Motorsports. :) Those guy really know to take care of their customers. I will definetly be going back there when its time for a new bike. I bought my bike the last week in August and this happened the last part of February, well over the 30 day warranty.

I just had the same problem. The gear idle broke in half. Yamaha waranteed parts and labor. You better be carefull with who you take it to to fix it though. I took mine back to the dealer where I bought it (Island Cycle Sales, Staten Island NY) and they blamed me for kicking it to hard, fouling the plug and eventually not using the hot start. I road the bike for all of 10hrs. When they told me it was my fault I wondered why the part was on back order for a bike that has been out for quite a few months....? Anyway, the mechanic at Island Cycle missed something with the oil pump (which they tried to blame on me to) and the engine seized the first day I road it. So, what I am telling you is to make sure you let them know that this is a problem with the bike and you should not foot the bill.


At least Yamaha gives you a 30 day warranty on the YZs. That's 30 days longer than Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki give you.

Damn.... another one????

Starting to sound more and more like the KLX 300 all over again.

What you want to bet there are a mess of bad (Low Tensil Strength) idler gears from a thrid party manufacturer (Supplier) out there?

Bonzai :)

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