Best rear tyre?

I need a good rear tyre for my wr400 for winter conditions, what do you guys use?

If you mean snow/ice, Trelleborg studded.


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I don't think trellborg is selling those tires in th U.S. if you find them post a reply here.

I would like a set.

Sorry, I ment mud, and slippery trails, no snow yet in OZ yet.I'm thinking of using a pirrelli MT32, has anyone used one?


2000 wr400


Im using the Pirelli MT32.... I've had one ride on it at the Erica Rally where it was really very muddy and wet and also dry in some parts.

Verdict: Farkn awsome. How did I come across this particular tyre??? from another fellow WR400 rider of course! You won't go wrong or be dissapointed.

Is snow that white stuff?? :)



For mud and soft stuff I use Michelin S12 front and rear. They are very predictable and hook up well

Thanks WR400 in oz!

I am doing the Kenda rally this weekend with one.


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Originally posted by Jack:

I need a good rear tyre for my wr400 for winter conditions, what do you guys use?

I use the Pirelli mt83 FIM approved enduro

tyre - good grip & it seems to last pretty good.


Yea I agree with Darren, the Michelin s12 is a sweet rear. Haven't used the front YET... :)

I have had good luck with the Michelin S12 front/rear in sand and mud. I also very much like the Barum or Mitas (Dennis Kirk has them) C-23 rear and C-26 front in similar conditions. Actually, I think the C-26 corners better than the S-12 in soft sand. I would buy the Barum if both tires wear the same rate. I just bought S12's so I have to see how they last.

So Jack....

How did you find the Pirelli??

What nunmber were you @ the Kenda Rally? I was there as well..whats your email addy?


Curt in Oz.

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