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Well, I guess the name tells it all.

Rat Racing check your PM;old cop wants details.

Rat check your PM. Second year rookie wants info.

The West coast is a bit to far for me to travel from but sure sounds like a blast. :)

is it open to us vol.firemen that do the job for free?

IAFF Local 2881

I help to run Rapid Tac, but you can never take the Firefighter out of a person. Hey, for you Firefighters Former chief John Mittendorf ( known for his AWESOME classes and books on ventilation techniques rides a 250F and lives close to me. He usually attends the Fire/Police Nationals, and is just a cool, easy going moto guy. I think he's pushing .. well.. lets just say he could be my dad, and the man can still smoke us younger guys!

Be safe everyone.

RAT, there will be some Fire and Police Motocross Nationals guys from the west coast including Founder and President "Uncle" Ed Wilson. There may be as many as 10 guys show up. It's now a pilgrimage for FPMN guys. They did it last year after the WPFG in Indy last year. There is lots of racing for Fire and Police guys on the "left coast". FPMN, FPMN night series, Calif Police and Fire Games with a track built by Dirt Wurx, Firemans Olumpics. It might sound a little elitest to civilians but it has a vibe like family. Check out for more info.

Local 1014, Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Home of Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto, Squad 51


I am going to be a cop someday, I am done with my Criminal justice degree this fall. I live in oregon, I would love to ride in the police/fireman nationals. Do they come to Cali or anything like that.

Mike, the Fire and Police MX nat's is based in so cal. The Ohio race is a follow on run by Ray Martin. We have held the FPMN at Glen Helen, Perris and night races at Competition Park. We will be racing on the MXdeN track in October.

Get that badge and come on down.

S.O. in Rural Nevada, Phili is a little to far for me also, but nice to know theres some public safety riders here in TT


I believe the Police Olympics (which includes motocross) is coming to Hangtown (Prairie City SVRA) this year. If anyone knows for sure please correct me. Also, when you hit the streets remember to use common sense and forget about most of the crap they taught you in your CJ Degree..... good luck.

Jeff (SPD, EDSO)

Message to all cops: Be lenient when encountering those who choose to use mary jane, everybody knows it should be legal anyways. ( I've gotten arrested for a joint, what a bunch of crap that was!!)

If you don't want to get locked up don't smoke the stuff. Simple isn't it?


They call it DOPE for a reason! :)

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