z-start for a 99 400

ya ive been hearing all this awesome stuff about the z-start and thaught id look in to it. so far i have only looked at rekluse and it doesnt show them having a z-start for my 400 is there a company that makes them for my bike?

Pm Youngwerth. He is the owner of Rekluse. There are other options. EFM and Revloc both offer auto clutches, I dont know about for a 400 but maybe. The Rekluse is the least expensive and most people seem to like them alot. I have an EFM that I bought used and it has worked great, in fact better than I imagined. It does have a few weaknesses since I dont run the lever.

I checked rekluse for a buddy of mine that has a 2000 WR400F and they don't have one for his, so I would say they don't have it for yours either. EFM might and they are only $100 dollars more then rekluse. Revlock will set you back about $900. Check out www.efm-billet.com

I sent Rekluse an e-mail asking about a z-start for the 400 and this was his response:

"At this time we do not have a clutch for this model please check back with us around the first of summer.



thanks guys. ill look in to efm and rev-loc. i didnt think rekluse had one but thats cool. from what everyone tells me these auto clutches are the way to go!

I talked to emf and they said that they can do the switch on my 2000 wr400 so I emagine it would be the same for a yz, It is the same price as reckluse, but they need some parts sent to them to modify them for your clutch.

hope it helps

Did you ever get this clutch installed?

Who did you use, still no clutch from Rekluse yet?


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