hydraulic clutch

What is the best hydraulic clutch? Where can I find one on the web?

Try the search function of TT - you will be surprised - your question has been asked (and answered) once or twice...

Try using 'hydraulic clutch' or 'juice clutch' or 'magura' as search terms...

Happy reading...


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I sure am enjoying my Magura. Definately beats the heck outa my stock mechanical clutch. Their service dept. has done pretty well also. The installation directions are a bit unclear tho, don't rush the install, do it when you have a few minutes to work with it and it will come out just fine. Also, the decomp. release is built onto the clutch perch, works great. And where the directions say don't bend the rod, definately be careful not to bend it. You'll create a leak if you do.

Take Yamaha dude's advice and do a search. Magura and Hebo. Lotsa stuff on both of them.


I would go with HEBO. I've had one for about a year. I don't know what their service dept is like because I or anybody I know have never had a problem...

the hebo has braided line where magura is plastic.

I've heard of to many bad things about the magura and I think they are about the same price.

where can i find a hebo?

a few posts below this topic

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