2000 YZ 426 VS WR 426 2002, Info on the suspension linkage

Hi !

Can anybody confirm if the swingarm rear connecting rod, from the rear shock relay arm to the frame of a YZ 426 2000 can fit on a 2002 WR 426 ?

Are the frame/swingarm assly identical ?

They look similar, but I want to make sure.

Thanks guys

The 02 parts are different.

The 02 swingarm was redesigned to lighten weight. The chain adjuster blocks are shorter, the arm is more curved and thinner through the whole thing. The swingarm pivot bolt was also increased in size to 18mm.

The 02 linkage was changed to allow use of one wrench to remove the bolts. The shock is also 5mm longer to go with the new linkage.

From what I have researched, they are NOT interchangeable. You will need the 02 cases, swingarm, shock and all bolts to update to the 02 specs. An easier solution is the ZipTyRacing magic link for the pre 02 bikes.

Thanks for the info.

The inner part of the bushing of the con rod is frozen on the bolt. So I was thinking of just cutting the part and replacing it with the YZ part.

I will keep looking for the right part.

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