Fork pressure

Should i have air pressure in my forks? I have what looks like air valves on the top of the fork caps on my 2001 xr650r.

You have brass air bleed screws that have orings on them. Open them once and a while to bleed the air out.

As you ride, heat is generated by the suspension components moving, which builds air pressure. If that gets too high, it might make seals leak. The screws are there to be loosened/let this air out. It must be cold where I live, or I don't ride hard enough, because I never find much pressure to speak of.

If they are air shocks, they are supposed to have 15 PSI in them, but if they are hydraulic, then I have no clue. My 98 XR600 has air towers (air shocks) so I unscrew the valve covers and fill it up to 15 psi. -Matt

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