Starting The beast

I have seen alot of post dealing with starting a 426. I can only speak of my bike "stock 02 YZ426F'. I have had mine for a month or so.. and have not had a problem. I watched the Yamaha web site starting procedurs, and I took note when my salesman showed me hoe to start it. I have since learned by trial and error that I need to give the Blue Beast 2 blips before the 1st kick, and she fire right up. If I have been ridig and want to restart after stall just kick' if that dosent work pull the hot start and repeat. I hav no prob with my 426. Ridw ON.

lol, my hot start doesn't work for me :D

i kick it prolly 4 times with it out after a wreck and a stall, and it don't start. i push it back in, fires up 1st kick :)

thumper4life i have the same effect , i pull the hot start out kick 3 times push hot start in and then she lights up again .


I noticed you are from Fort Lewis, Washington. I used to ride on the Fort Lewis property when I was a teenager. The tanks made great dual track and berms. I was pretty wild watching tanks blast down a dirt highway. One day, I was putting my riding gear on, getting ready for a ride and a whole platoon marched right by me. As the last guy marched by, I said to him, "how's it going", he said "not bad". I about had a heart attack. A few weeks later, some friends got arrested by the MPs and their bikes were impounded. So much for riding at Fort Lewis after that.


Oh. I should say I'm 43 now, so I hope that the statute of limitations has run out and I'm not in trouble now for riding on military propery way back then.

BTW - Some of guys I rode with back then were putting xr motors in cr frames. One guy had a cr125 frame with a xr200 motor. He could really cruise on it. They were all connected with Burien Honda, near Seattle. Only ten minutes from the Brown Brothers at BBR in Renton. Maybe there's a connection.

does anyone have an idea why this is happening? :)

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