Best prices for a new Yamaha

I'm looking to buy a new TTR125 for my daughter.

Which dealer has the best prices?



I was looking at one of these for my wife. I love yamaha and all but the ttr line is not realy that good of a product. I would recomend looking at the honda xr 100 or 200, a much better bike for around the same price.

I have to disagree with that last statement. The

TTR-125L is a far better bike for beginners or just playing on. It's virtually bullit proof and there are tons of aftermarket parts available. It's the best selling play bike out right now.

zzzgott, you may get better info on where to get one at


I go to Jim and Jim's in Santa Rosa, but I've heard that the shop in Petaluma makes good deals on new bikes. I may be going there for my '03.

I may also be in the market for a TTR125 soon.



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I have to agree with DIRTDAD, the TTR125L is a great bike. I bought my wife one after lots of research. I have owned lots of H**DA's and was planning on buying one of those, until I did the research. Hope this helps......

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