Now that I am rebuilding my 2001 DRZ400S due to a crash.. I want to be sure that when it happens again the bike will not be completely totaled.  I cannot find any axle sliders for it because it does not have hollow axles. The only thing I have been able to find are engine guards that mount to the frame so I will for sure be getting those. So I just have questions on how to get axle sliders mounted on my bike, and I also will probably be getting a handbrake sometime in the near future. Would I be better off just swapping to an SM swingarm? 

I wish there was a document listing all the spec differences between the SM and S models. 

Any help would be great.

Best regards.IMG_7033.JPG.031e9a48e0f1469a9fc4b24287b2f5a8.JPG

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Could drill out the axles.  SM swing arm needs an SM caliper arm, keep the S swing arm it's less hassel.

I'd bet you can just get the SM axle and put it right in the S swingarm . The diameter is the same otherwise swapping wheels wouldn't be possible . Length difference may be all there is but something tells me that wouldn't be an issue either. A washer added to bother ends may work if the SM axle is longer (I'm guessing it is if they're different).

Or swap to a SM swingarm and get the nicer looking adjuster. 

Or drill & tap the S axle




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