i just read that the db limit for mighigan is 94db what is the db rating on a uncorked 400? im guessing its louder then 94

Well, I know my stock insert on my WR426 is about 86, GYT-R insert is about 93, uncorked is about 97.

The rangers I presume have thier little DB meter and are clueless on how to use it properly in accordance with local or state proceedures. All cars ,trucks ect are tested by federal standards by means of a noise pass by test before any car can be sold in the US.That is the mic is located a certain distance from where a vehicle will pass by. Im not sure if off road vehicles have a standard or if all persons checking our noise are doing it in the same manner across the country. The DB meter I saw in action at Gorman was used randomly and not the same method each time . So it may be a form of profiling being done to us when I saw no noise checks taken at the MX track entrance.Wheres the consistancey Mr. ranger? :)

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