Need help starting the YZ 426

These arent 2 smokes, though it does richen the mixture, that isnt lubing the cylinder. Rarely do I need the choke. Of course Texas is warm. :)

Guess I'm wrong on this one :) and must be living in a different Texas - was colder than a witch's tit here last weekend - coldest day on record since 1900!

And get this, cold bike first thing in the morning, no choke, first kick its running. -Matt

Shouldn't one use the choke if it is cold? I thought the purpose was to provide a richer mix which increased the lube, which in turn adds protection. No choke provides a leaner mix. Surely not a great idea if it is really cold due to oil viscosity?

My bike will not start cold without the choke. It seems they're all different depending on your climate and jetting.

I got a 2000 YZ426 and i aint never had no probs. I can start it warm with half a kick, and not using the hot r cold start. But when they stall from hitting the throttle to fast i found it good to pull both the hot and cold start out. Try this, clean your card out with some injector cleaner. I did'nt read anyone elses post so i don't know if they told you this.

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