$29 697,59

My bike is broken, so I can't go racing today. Just for fun I addet together what it would cost to by a YZ426F in parts. The grand total was $ 29 697,59. Kinda steep if you ask me. :)

So buy 5 bikes, and strip them down. Then yours would be FIXED by now! Of course, you could alwyas just throw one away when it breaks and fire up one of the new beasties then!

Amazing the amount of money the companies must make on PARTS......, heck , they have to make the parts for thw whole bikes anyway...if they only cost 6000 ASSEMBLED, why not 4000 unassembled?!

I used to think motorcycle parts were high until I got a job in manufacturing.

Imagine doing a complete assembly line set up to make 1,000 parts or pay the interest to let $30M of replacement parts sit around for a few years. Both options are expensive and so are the replacement parts.

I used to do quotes in an automotive parts manufacturing plant. The original part may have cost $.10, but when you order 1% of the original order volume for replacement parts 5 years later, the manufacturing costs skyrocket. These costs are passed down the line to you.

I think the prices are a little high, but they are cheaper than me purchasing a lathe/mill to make my own.

Thats a good idea. Why cant we buy bikes that are unassembled for a big price cut? I would be able to afford a new bike instead of wondering if something is gonna grenade every time i ride.

I work for Toyota and parts are where automotive companies make their money. I'm sure it's the same for bikes. They sometimes can afford o take a hit on a vehicle like the prius cause they make the bulk of their money in parts. That's why every dealer you see has a parts counter and service bays.

Originally posted by Fireballsocal:

That's why every dealer you see has a parts counter and service bays.

It's certainly not because they (dealerships) like helping people! :)

Another useless fact: according to the parts cataloge I used the 426 has 1517 parts. :)

when companies make 'most of their money on parts' it really makes you wonder...is that why they make stuff cheaper and cheaper?? so it breaks sooner and more often, requiring you to buy the parts that make them lots of money??? :D:)

Originally posted by GYT-Rider:

Another useless fact: according to the parts cataloge I used the 426 has 1517 parts. :)

does that include every bolt?? hard to believe you are riding around at up to 60 mph, going over 70' jumps, on a concoction of 1517 separate things, being held together by tiny bolts.

Yes that's all the parts every nut, bolt and sticker. The most expensive part I could find wae the frame at $963,60, the cheapest the flat head screw holding the lid on the rear brake fluid reservoir at $0,10. Better not break that frame. :)

dude, you have wayyyyyy too much time! lol. DEALER.....GET HIS BIKE DONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


I have a friend that is in the bearing wholesale business. I showed him the rear bearings I got for my real wheel that cost me 40 bucks, and he said they sell those exact bearings for around $1.15 per bearing to companys on bulk buys. The mark-up is huge. I bought a front sprocket for $14, a good price, he said he could probably get it for $0.47, but I would have to buck 500 of them.

Honestly, 47 cents? Sheesh, Ill buy 500 for 47 cents! Hey here's an announcement, Ive got counter shaft sprockets for 4 bucks! Stock size only, but hey they"re cheap, getem while they're hot!

Three rounds of this, and my profit buys me a new 03!

for that kinda money you can get the frame only on MARK_UK's works bike Post :D

Man you are either not married or really really bored :)

post something on TT for a front sprocket bulk buy!! You must buy 5 of em @ $1 each. If you can get 100 people, to buy 5, there is your 500, and you have a 53 cent profit on each!! thats 265 dollars you could make!!!!!!!!!

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