My buddy has a 2001 yz426 and was curious how much horsepower it has(dyno?)...the motor is stock. Anybody know?

i was just reading a back issue of "dirt bike" magazine and they had the dyno report of the 2000 yz426 and it put out 47.4 hp.I would imagine the 01 would be around that since the motors were pretty much the same except for clutch upgrades and titanium valves. :)

47.4HP If that is true I should be close to 60HP right now. COOL!

tell us all how you got another 13 HP from a 426

tell us all how you got another 13 HP from a 426

Yes, please doo becuase i noticed in your signature you have zero motor work(cams, performance pistons, porting, etc) done on your bike. No way in hell your making anything near 60 without some of all of those done

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