What do some of you have your front and rear suspension clickers set at? I was told go for the middle setting. Any tips on how to set them?

If I told you how many clicks out I was running, it probably wouldn't be the perfect setup for you because I'm running a different shim profile and probably a different viscosity & different volume of fluid than you're's an excellent article from a ThumperTalk sponsor that will help you tune your suspension to get the most from it in its current form.

Thanks Qadsan! Now for the record the threaded adjuster at the top of the shock is where I make my adjustment? Motors and all else I can do on the bike, suspension dialing..fuggedaboutit...

The compression clicker adjustment on the forks is on the very bottom and the rebound is on the top. With the rear shock, the compression adjustment clicker is on the shock resevoir and the rebound adjuster is on the botton of shock.

F.w.i.w., I ride trees and rocks like you. I'm 165 lbs.

Stock suspension. 2 1/2 wt. fork oil.

Modified from earlier today

Fork: comp. 19 out (stock is 11)

reb. 11 out (stock is 9)

Shock: comp.13 out (stock is 6-10)

reb.16 out (stock is 11-15)

It's fairly plush and I like it better than stock in the tight, rocky stuff.

I'd also be happy to take any advice from others. Does my rebound seem appropriate in relation to my compression ?

Thanks guys..

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