Hood River Trails

Anyone know how the Hood River trails are this time of the year? Was thinking of headed out there soon since this will probably be the last time we have nice weather for a while. Anyone want to join let me know! 

I dont but PM me if you head there on a Sunday! Best way to keep a carb from plugging up is a mid winter ride! 

I rode Hood River today. The trails are in good condition. Some were frozen hard others had thawed and had light mud. Overall it was good riding. Many Trails in the NW area are closed due to the eagle Creek fire and the Kingsley reservoir area is closed as well.

Thanks for the info, have only been once to hood river & it was a couple summers ago so wasn’t sure. I’ll most likely head over there on Sunday if anyone wants to join up? 

Looks like JRM is in. Anyone else? 

I ride a Kx250 

I’ll be heading up there Saturday afternoon for a couple hours. I’ve only been there once ,to the reservoir. I’m coming from Vancouver. Where did you ride? If you don’t mind me asking. And wich staging area. I would appreciate some direction. I’m just looking for somewhere to ride around for a couple hours while my wife does the wine thing with some friends. So she doesn’t have to drive after. Thanks, Eric

I stayed at bins hill. Ride the single track trails south of there. trails 170, 180, 183, 184,185, and some trails on the north side, trails 130 south bound towards post flats staging area and then back south on 140.

Headed out to Hood River Sun, Probably Bins Hill Area.. 

I rode yesterday (1/14) at Pine Mont and the trails were pretty good. A little wet and slippery in some spots. Snow was found at the powerlines heading towards the dalles. All the lower stuff of 310 was good

Headed back out on Sat Feb 10th! 

Ride report please😁

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