Unkown Fork specs

So I purchased a 1999 RM 125 over the summer, and have been riding it weekly on various tracks. I happened to blow both fork seals while at the track one day last week, and decided to give the ol' "Seal Mate" a shot at removing suspected debris. Turns out, the seals are infact blown out. So I purchased a Pivot Works 1999 RM 125 fork rebuild kit off of Ebay (verified seller) and it turns out the seals and bushings are the wrong size. So I contacted the guy whom I purchased the dirt bike from, and he said that he suspected that the forks on the bike were in fact NOT OEM 1999 RM 125 forks. So I have contacted Showa, Suzuki, AND Pivot Works to try and find out what year these forks are from. I have attached a picture of the Fork ID's in this post, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Show and Suzuki won't respond. Just measure your forks and buy seals that fit.

2 minutes ago, arthur6 said:

Show and Suzuki won't respond. Just measure your forks and buy seals that fit.

I have received an email back from Showa, they said that they do not have a database for fork serial number s?? Crap, guess I'm going to have to buy a micrometer then, huh?

You can measure with a tape measure or a ruler, most have millmiters



Buy calipers, they are very very handy.  

No problem man!

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