What to do with old tires

Well, the worn-out knobbies are starting to pile up in the garage (along with the frequency of spousal glares). Today was the big Spring clean up day where our garbage men take away all you extra crap, but they refused to take the tires. What do you guys do with your old tires?

Take them to your local Firestone or Goodyear one evening. That's what everyone else used to do when I worked there. I have a local shop that will dispose of them for me.

Find out if there is a hazardous waste dump in your local area. We have one that I know for sure takes things like chemicals, oil + filters, batteries, electronics, etc... I never tried to take a tire there, my pile is still growing in the garage. Give them a call, hopefully they will take them. :)

what about local bike shops? wouldn't they take ur old tires? If u have to pay, well, dump em and dash :)

In Arizona, there is a surcharge for disposal on every tire sold. I'd ask the dealer you buy them from about it....if you mail-order, you're SOL. Take them to the dump......

Throw'em on top of your trailer :D :D

Thats what alot of people do with their car tires around my town, yikes, I guess it keeps the roof on ?? :)

I throw them in the trash bins at the construction sites. Some guys come and take them out depending on the condition??

Try squezzing in the middle of them and have a friend push you down a hill! :):D :D :D:usa::D

Throw them in your truck the next time you go riding and leave them on the side of the trail, Somebody will pick them up.

:)Just Kidding Guys.

Take them to your bike shop and pay the price to have them disposed of properly

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