426 Question

I read an artlicle in a magazine and it was about Tim Ferry's Yz426F. It said that he blocked out the 4th and 5th gears because he didn't use them for supercross. Does that increase the power for the first 3 gears then? Why would you block the gears if it doesn't?

I've been told that they block off 4th and 5th gear because they are made of plastic. This is done to save weight. The gears have to be there according to AMA rules, but you don't have to use them, so they make them out of plastic and block them off. He only use gear 1 to 3 when racing supercross.

So that doesn't add power to the 1-3 gears then?

You won't get extra power by removing twogears. Ferry just doesn't use them racing Supercross and the plastic gears save him weight and allows him to meet AMA rules.

Ferry has custom gearing. I doubt the AMA has any gearing requirements. If you had an automatic it would be ok if you were competitive. I also thionk what the article said was that 4th and 5th were blocked by a plastic bushing not gears. I could be mistaken on the last one. Do you use all the gears when you ride? My .02 :)

i would think the reason for the fake gears

would be two-fold.any weight they can save they

go for-it doesnt sacrafice any thing.the second

reason would be less reciprocating mass-it equals

less weight to spin therefore quicker accelleration.remember that this is yamahas race only bike,its only reason for existence is to race

at warp speed at the highest level.

i've never gone past 4th on my local motocross track on a straight with stock gearing, i plan on moving up a few teeth in the back so i can run 2nd and 3rd more...so that will probably make me kick it up to 5th on that straight :)

Thump4life, I did what your thinking about, and I was really surprized how much more rideable the bike became. I do hit 5th. from time to time, but not often.

I heard that Ferrys bike didnt use 4th and 5th ever. They just change the final drive for out door tracks.

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