Michelin S - 12 in Michigan

Anybody using these in mich. good ?... bad ?

im hoping good because i just ordered some. :)

I had one once and only once. I ate this tire up so fast, but it was the only one the shop had at the time.

I now have Maxxis IT's front and back and love them. :)

I have had great results using the S-12 on the back. Great wear and hook up. I'm running the Michelin sizing 140/80. As far as the front goes the S-12 didn't work for me. It chunked and did'nt provide a positive feel.

I ran the s-12 rear for quite a while and got sick of them chunking. Stuck on the Bridgestone 402 rear and it is awesome!! No chunk, long wear and great grip!


Just did my first ride on them today. Nice tires. Ran M-12 in the past, also a good tire. Tried Maxis IT for my last tires and the rear felt like it was full of cement but it wore like iron. Michelin has different sizes, so order them big. There 140 equals most 120's and the 130=110.

Eleven years riding N Michigan trails - the S12 is the best I've found.

I have not personally used an s12 but from talking to people that have, I'm going to try one on the near future. I hear they work wonders in the sand (soft terrain tire, not for rocks) and wear really well. I think Dirt Bike mag. also did a shoot out with the s12 and rated it one of if not the top tire in the shoot out.

S12's all the way for Michigan! Best tires period! :)

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