The magnet may have saved the motor

Changed oil today and found a steel chunk about 3mm by 3mm by 1.5mm. Obviously it was steel since it was on the drain plug magnet. Pulled the clutch cover and am quite sure this is the end from one of the clutch damper springs. The fifteen bucks for the magnetic drain plug kinda payed for itself. The plug is always covered in magnetic slime with maybe a sliver.

Now for the question. I always have aluminum particles in the filter. These are not true filings but look more like small chips. I almost believe these are coming from the clutch basket where the damper springs are set. These are the springs on the back of the clutch basket, not the clutch pressure springs. As the clutch gear moves under accelleration and decelleration, the springs could be wearing the basket. If anyone has put a Hinson or other brand basket on their 2001 YZ426 could you see if there is wear to the clutch basket pockets where the springs lay.

The aluminum is not from where the plates wear on the basket fingers as there is no wear. If anyone has thoughts on somewhere else the aluminum is coming from that would be good info.

Thanks PK

i moved to p.e basket ,and when i opened the stock clutch basket i noticed a broken spring. the broken piece was still there , but i thank god i moved to the p.e basket.

i found premature wear in the place where i had the broken spring.

u should buy a hinson or p.e clutch basket and ask the guys there for extra spring, as they come without the springs . yamaha dont sell the springs separately , they sell it as a full basket with the gears and springs ....

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