YZ450F Vs. CRF450

I thought that mthe honda frame weighed less then the other tube frames! Wow, it dosent! :)

Yes it all depends on personal riding style & preference. I abosolutely loved my 426 but it was time to sell before I started running into problems, which I did. I really wanted to try something different (just because) and I ended up with a used CRF (2 weeks ago).

I can tell you that I have no brand loyalty whatsoever and right now I have every color in the Japanese inventory represented in my gararge right now (rest are quads). I consider myself pretty unpartial (and fortunate) as I can afford to ride whatever I want. Now, with that said here's my recent experience:

YZs have a bigger and longer hit that pulled forever. CRF is awesomely smooth right off the bottom and is electric in it's acceleration. They are both fun to ride but use a little different style to get to the finish.

The CRF handles way better than my old 426. I realilze that the 426 is not a 450 but still each brand has their own unique take on handling. My CRF has pro suspension so I can't compare apples-to-apples with the stock suspenders of my yamaha.

Fit and finish to me is about equal, everyone says honda is head and shoulders above in this area but I think yamaha is right there with the exception of some nuts and bolts on the yamahas are of lessor quality (my opinion).

The main difference I can say guys is I immediately felt comfy on the CRF. I'm usually the guy that takes forever getting used to a different bike but not with this CRF. 10 min after I jumped on it I was bar dragging around corners and hammering down straights just like I'd been on it for years.

You can't go wrong with either of them and if a guy hadn't flaked out on me 3 weeks ago I'd be on a YZ450 and probably loving it too. Don't stress over it, just get what you think will spark your enthusiasm the most.

The thing I like is on my yz450f 04 is it is really solid on the track it just goes strait especially when you jump it it is really solid in the air, it does take a little manhandling in the corners but it suits what I want in a bike.The power is insane Im just now getting used to it.I know Honda makes a good bike also but Ill stick with Yamaha.

I ride with quite a few CRF riders (mostly desert, dunes, mountains) and we often trade iron during our rides. They get off my YZF and rave about the power. I get off their CRF's and rave about the ride-ability. In my (and their) opinions, there is not enough difference between them to give one up for the other. The best advice I've heard, and will back, is to ride both and see what you like the best.

Okay, one last time…

I’ve got the 03 model of both bikes. You can do a search and find my other input on them.

The following opinions (note: key word is "opinions") are comparing stock bikes.

Handling: YZ has a more planted feel when turning, as if there is more weight on the front wheel. Very accurate and a very good, neutral handler.

The CRF front end feels a touch vague and not quite as confidence inspiring on hard (red clay) corners.

Suspension: (I’m 165-170, depending on how close to Krispy Kreme my travels have taken me.) The CRF is noticeably plusher and fewer jolts get through to me, especially from the forks. I believe this is in the valving (perhaps the mid-valve) on the YZF, as no amount of adjusting or re-springing has delivered a ride as comfortable as the CRF.

Power: Both have plenty. The CRF seems to like to be ridden more off the bottom and into the mid-range whereas the YZF doesn’t seem to care what you do.

Quality: no issues with either bike.

Miscellaneous: The CRF has a nicer seat if you sit while riding, helps take the edge off jarring hits. Installing and removing the CRF air filter drives some people crazy.

The YZF has a “harder-edged” feel to it; some refer to it as “racier”, whereas the CRF feels more forgiving.

Bottom line: I like both and I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

Both of these bikes are way better than my old 98 YZF. Yamaha did a great job of making the bike feel much, much lighter than the old 400. Honda obviously has a winner judging by the popularity of the CRF.

Red pill or blue pill?

Either one is a fun ride into the rabbit hole.


I personally love my CRF, but the YZF's are equally awesome. My good friend just got a 04 YZF and I will get to ride it some this summer and I can't wait to put it to the test. Either way, they are just plain incredible!! :)

MMMMMM! Red pills and blue pills, i think i need some of those! (Not bikes) I broke my suspension on my YZ and i gotta put it in the shop. Im 230 LBS! If you're over 230 don't go under 5 clicks soft on the front suspension on the yamahas. I went to high and came down too hard! :)yamaha-yz426f-00-bikepics-137672.jpg

I posted this same exact thing 2-3 weeks ago when I was researching both these bikes myself.

I went with the bike with the better price and better dealer service. I got my brand new YZ450F for $5000 out the door. I am not kidding either. If you look around you can find awesome deals. My Honda dealer wouldn't hardly budge on his price, and they acted like idiots when I talked to them about it.

I love my YZ and I think I would make the same decision again if I was to do it over strictly because I saved over a grand going with the YZ. If the price is real close where you live, go with the dealer that has the best service.

I think both bikes are awesome. You will be happy with either one. :)

Ok, I own an 04' CRF and rode my friends 03 YZF450 last week. I compared the two bikes before I bought and decided to go with the CRF for a few reasons one being it was less expensive, I heard good things about the suspension, it came with renthal bars stock and if I wanted pro tapers I just had to change the mounts not the top triple clamp (ok, alot of my decisions were based on $$. IMO here are the things I noticed: YZF hit harder on the bottom and my CRF pulls longer. YZF turned better in tight conditions and the CRF flowed on longer berms better, The YZF cockpit seemed more compact. They both seem to fly nicely but the CRF seems a little smoother but I am sure if I had the same amount of time on the YZF I would feel the same about it. Anyway, If you are riding tight tracks IMO the YZF may be better but for all around MX, SX, Trails the CRF seems like a better investment. But the bottom line is they are both great bikes that you will love to ride.

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