Bike runs rich after grey wire mod

Before doing the grey wire mod my bike ran fine. Did the grey wire mod and the bike was running noticably richer with some hesitation. I reconnected the grey wire and problem disappeard. I would have thought that increasing the timing (which is what the grey wire mod does) would allow the feul to burn better and therefor run leaner? Am I just backwards on my thinking?

I don't want to blindly rejet if there could be something I'm missing. Thanks for any input.

- Joe

Specs: '00 WR400, FMF Ti4, rejetted after pipe.

When I did the grey wire on my 450 I also removed the airbox lid or snorkel and cut out the backfire screen for more air flow. The more air the better it ran, it also needed the air screw re-adjusted. Since you didnt say you had made airbox changes this could help.

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