nuetral saftey switch removal

has anybody taken off the neutral saftey switch instead of just removing the blue or grey wire??? if so what happens???

do a search on the topic you should find all you need.

yep, I removed mine since I broke it :D Oh well, replaced it with that cover. Its nice. Also one less wiring mess to deal with :)

What happens?

Same thing as disconnecting the wires! But you lose about .5-1 pound in the process!

Removing the neutral switch only disconnects the blue wire. You still have to disconnect the gray wire at the harness near the CDI. You get one less gaggle of wires (in which only the blue wire is functional), a little weight loss, and a trick looking plug instead.

cool link, thanx. the full removal rather than cutting a wire and replacement with something cool is enough incentive to go do it

Dr. D siteglass


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