ThumperTalk ride In SE Pennsylvania June 14/15!

We will be having the second annual ThumperTalk ride in SE Pennsylvania. Last year we had about 8 guys from 3 states and hope to see more of you here, this year.

This is not a big event with many goings on (we're actually going to do that next year) it's just a couple of days riding with old and new ThumperTalk friends and a couple of nights of bench racing, bike wrenching and beer drinking.

We'll be riding Rausch Creek and also have Tower City available.

There is a motel very near my house (1 mile) Budget Host Inn 717-755-1068. They have rooms at reasonable rates ($40-55) and there is fast food, Denny's and fuel (94 octane) within walking distance.

If you'd like more info email me at




I create and maintain the web page for Tower City Trail Riders and I'm an officer at the club. Let me know if you want to set up a riding day at Tower City and I can assist with the arrangements. I don't know how many TTer's are trail guys, but Tower City is one of the best place to ride. There are over 12,000 acres, and any type of riding from tight single track to monster hill climbs.

Matt, check your PM.......



Fellow Tower City member here. thanks for the invite.

Unfortunetly, I won't be able to ride on the 14th, I'll be in VA visiting family. I'm actually hoping to ride the following weekend.

For those of you who don't know, Tower City is a great place to ride if you like woods riding. There's a big variety of riding conditions ranging from flat open and easy to tight and nasty.

It's a lot of fun.



Angry Candy are you out there????

I'm a new TT'er, and I am interested. Do I need to bring anything special, besides old blue? Maniac

I have all the tools you could need. I would think you could bring your favorite micro brew :)



That weekend looks good for me and I am really looking forward to actually riding with you guys this time. I'll let you know if I can make it up by Thursday night.


I'm glad you saw this and yes, it would be great to actually ride together. Hope to see ya Thursday or Friday night.



If Tower City is as good as it sounds, I vote for 2 day in the tight NASTY stuff!!! :):D

Check your PM,


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