1994 kx125

You did act like a dick, could have had the info instead of just running your mouth.


Ceet seat foam lists 94-98, various seat covers list 94-98 and this eBay auction number 272363619245 lists 94-98...

Not sure if you want the stock cover or what, but plenty of info here... good luck and have a great holiday, even you KDX.

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I would fully expect any K series seat to bolt right on.  94-98.  There may be differences but there's a very good chance it will be a direct fit.

Rabbits online has a great way to look up part numbers, just an fyi. It breaks down sub assemblies down to the washer. It's all OEM numbers. You can look up the pt# for your bike and compare to the 98 pt#. I'll do some digging for ya since I'm laid up after shoulder surgery, lol somthing to keep me busy.

Lol spell correct got me, it Babbits online not rabbits. My bad.

Ok thanks man that would really help I know nothing about looking up that kind of stuff

Just found a nice seat on eBay for a 94 kx125 for $75 plus shipping, think that's a bit high though. So looking at the seat covers, the list them from 94-98 so looks to me it should fit, unless the made changes to the seat pan or mount positions. I'm still looking and will get back to you if I find a deffinate answer.

Will you send me a link for the one for 75$ please

Just got off the phone with my local dealer and they said the 98 will fit the 94. Happy riding.

Thank you so much man helps alot and will save money I'll post a pic of the bike I'm building so y'all can see it, it's a 1994 kx125 fully rebuilt with rmz250 suspension


I can't wait until it's done, I'm still have to strip it back down and powder coat the frame

And have the wheels repainted, someone painted them black and I had to scrape it all off

Np, and nice ride bro. Hope you have a lot of fun with it. I cant wait till I can ride again, going to be about 4 months or so before I can get back the seat. I have a 2005 RM125 I am still building, haven' gotten to ride it yet, but can' wait. It' almost done, just have to get the front brake working correctly and rebuild the carb and it should be good to go.

Not sure where you are from,  I live in Tx, and 3 Palms MX park in Houston is a blast. My favorite track is the GP track. Loads of fun, lol that' where I got injured. 

You had a lot of help here, should thank everybody.... I even included an eBay item number, etc... Dan was in too...

Yeah, say thank you.  Right now.  I mean it.

Im sorry, I meant thank you to everyone, y'all are awesome

You know I'm just kidding right?  lol i hope so. 😉

Lol, I wasn't sure

Yes, seat covers and foam will all fit, but that does not mean the seat bases are the same. Maybe, maybe not.


Call GUTS Racing or someone that makes seats.

On 12/18/2017 at 11:50 AM, moochay1234 said:

Hi everyone, I have a 1994 kx125 I need to know if the seat from a 1998 kx125 will work.


Yes, seats between 94 and 98 all interchange as well as the plastics.  Here's my 94 KX250


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