Bill's place in June...What kind of bikes are going?

The only one who may find me fast is you Grandpa knees.

You make me laff, funny guy! :)

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Any digital cameras/ helmet "Action" cams/ camcorders coming along?

How about one of those people that do the drawings of court cases, prosecuting attorney and convict, etc?

I assume you must be able to draw wicked fast though :).

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Hey Mr. Wannabeashowboat,

Worry about being able to ride and not the pictures if your shiny little bike. How's the knee gramps?

It is loosening up. I have more re-hab today. The swelling is down, but it is still swollen. I have 90 - 180 degree movement. I cannot draw my heel into my ass, yet. Getting there though.

Mr. Showboat ? I just want a visual record of our social gathering. You might only have pictures of me drinking beer! :)


I'll be bringing a digital camera capable of taking over 225 pics. Yes, action shots ARE part of my plan!

Also have a webcam that works on my laptop.

Attaching the cam to my old helmet with the laptop in a backback.

The only problem is lately my laptop dies a gruesome death when running on battery power for more than 10 minutes. So I'm not counting on the cam footage to work. I'll see if I can fix this problem before the trip! Regardless, the quality is not as good as the other helmet cams, so don't get too excited about it.

Hope everyone is "healed" by then. We have 2 days of hard roosting ahead of us!

NH Kevin,please tell me that you're working towards being able to draw your heel up to and not "in to" your ass!Sounds painful and kinda weird too. :D:)

Seriously-keep doing the physiotherapy and you'll be good to go in no time.

No chance of getting it into my ass, even though I have been seriously "Bored Out" over the years, by many, many people, including my own foot/feet. :D

I had arthroscopic knee surgery back in 1991 and don't recall having any rehab to do. I guess that memory got flushed down the toilet along with so many others...???

Jenn, my rehab chick [a term I use which is NOT in any way meant to be disrespectful!!] informed me the lack of movement is based upon the swelling. I did assume that to be the case. Today I did some very mild squats (180#) dropping only my knees to a 90 degree angle whilst (didn't Shakespear use that term...whilst?) limiting my knee position directly over but not extending beyond my foot. Also did some leg extensions using 40#. I keep ice packs on it almost continuously at work. This also allows me to buck the system and wear shorts. Today I was in my safari collection: Banana republic shorts and a casual "Yet Attractive" v-neck shirt. Looks like I just popped out of the bush in OZ, after man handling some crocks, giant snakes or letting killer bees land on my exposed face! :) Those aussies always do the craziest things, at least on TV.

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