jumping a 426?

Im thinkin of gettin a 426 but i dont know how good they jump. Has anyone here hit a ramp on one. Im just wondering because my dad said if u dont land with the throttle on, the engine breaking will cause u to go over the handle bars.is this true?

If you are looking for a bike strictly as a "jumper", you might do better to consider a 2-stroke. The 426 is a motocross weapon and probably not the best choice for freestyle. Landing a 426 without the throttle on won't necessarily spit you over the bars, but it could if you are too far forward and the idle is set low. Think of it this way, try landing ANY bike with the rear brake applied moderately.

lol, look at his name, smp

I sponsored a kid in a 125 class last year, and he was also an avid freestyler. I let him take my 426 out at the big track at Elsinore (outdoor style with some big hits), and he flat ripped on it. He commented that it was actually easier to jump than the 125-which I agree. You've got some good torque, so wringing the piss out of it(like a 125) is not needed. Also, they seem to have a better "attitude" in the air, and they're harder to loop.

You really should ride one to form your own opinion however..

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