Magura Hydraulic Clutch for sale

Anyone interested in buying a Magura clutch? It is a friend on mine and he only has 10 rides on it. Price is $165 and $5 for shipping. Let me know if interested.

Sorry but I can't go that low. It might be difficult to ride with two clutches on your Yosh bike! Ha HA.

Rat Racing,

Rat Racing,

I am waiting to hear back from someone who emailed me first. I have to take everyone is order. You are actually third. I will keep you posted. Later.

Clutch sold! Thanks for everyones interest. Rat Racing - Sorry we could not do business. Maybe another time. Ride hard and take care.

do you stil have the magura? I would be interested in it, please send a pic to Will it mount right up to a klx 110 2005? jordan cone

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