Wanted: Subframe for 2001 426

Anyone have a extra or parts bike that they want to sell Subframe? Must not be bent....

Saw a titanium sub-frame on E-bay ....check it out.

Dave, did you take a header?????

I popped my tranny again. Bearing on the main shaft gave up, at least half of it anyway. Took out the main shaft and three gears. Freakin sand is hard on S#$%....

Did another hair scramble, which is actually how I felt after 3 18 mile loops through cut down palmetto bushes and endless sand whoops. Also broke my camel back right before the last lap and felt all the nice cool liquid running down my back. Needless to say, swallowing sand for 37 minutes with out anything to wash it down, was interesting to say the least. But, it was fun as hell........................................

Brian, hows it going?Racing Sat. I overshot a 85ft table & flew about 50-60ft high (too high) knew it was gonna hurt coming down & bike flew out from under me a 3/4 throttle. Me & bike endo'ed 30ft or so & I am lucky I am not more damaged. My heals hurt so bad I can barely walk, Knee is hurt & my neck & back were all messed up....thanks to my chyropracter I am fixed but real real sore. My bike is thrashed....new DRD pipe is toast & subframe is sandwiched & plastic is totaled. I am trrying to purchase DRD silencer from Doug...but no word yet. I got to get it built by this weekend to race Copperhead...Damn, I never want to have that much air again. At 40, I saw a close end to motocross...

Man, glad your alright after your tumble. Sounds just about like what happened to me at Calhoun when my throttle stuck. Scary stuff. I was planning on coming up there the end of this month to try to qualify for Loretta's, but I finally got laid off so plans have changed a little.

Ive been racing quit alot down here, but its already getting silly hot, so it's mainly been small night races.

If I can get up there, I'll make sure to get in touch. Any word on the arrival of the 03'?????

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