2007 brute force 750 wont start!!!!!! need help!!!!1

hey i bought brute force 750 that isnt running. its getting spark and fuel. wont even start with starting fluid sprayed into the carbs. i dont know much about these was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to why it wont even start for a couple seconds? any insight would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

I would look at compression if you are getting fuel and spark.

is it EFI or carb? generally speaking if it has fuel and spark then it is compression. This could be a number of things from a broken timing chain to valve issues to a hole in the piston. After those you typically hear a lot more racket when you turn it over. A good way to check it by ear is to turn the motor over by using the starter and if its just turning over and not making the "glub glub glub" sound from the exhaust then you have no compression. I gotta say its far more likely that its not getting spark though.

They're twins so doubtful both cylinders are dead on compression so one should pop at least . I've fixed a fuel pump on one which is a common problem with these .When it goes out they just shut down but it should do something with starting fluid . I'd really verify it has spark , timing is right, and then check compression to at minimum get a baseline of what your have . I don't know if it has an auto decompression system which will effect compression testing so a leakdown test is ideal .

Also IIRC there is a certain auto shutdown circuit on these that require a reset if tripped , has to do with the belt deflection switch and swapping a grey connector to the black one then turn key on/off and then switch connectors back ect... something like that . The connectors are under the left tank plastics .Also may just be on the 650's when they were Prairie's , been a while . Is the light on ?




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