Fork oil level?

The manual has a diagram in it that doesn't match what I was looking at this weekend for fork oil level check/setting. The spring guide and damper rod shown in the picture stuck out above the upper fork tube. With the damper rod and spring guide pushed all the way in (compressed) the top of the damper rod was roughly flush with the top of the outer fork tube and the spring guide was recessed an inch or so. So what I'm wondering is: are you supposed to lift the damper rod and spring guide a little to set the level or is the diagram misleading? I set the height to 120mm with the rod and guide all the way down. When I lifted the rod and guide, the level dropped to about 150mm or so. I'm concerned I don't have enough oil in the forks now (although I'll complain a lot if you have to lift that rod to set the level...).

You did it right :)

now put a zip tie tightly around your bottom slider about 4" from the bottom & go ride. The forks will push it down & you can see how much travel you are using. Since these are bumper forks, you want the zip tie about an inch from the bottom. Any further down and you will be into the bumpers and will feel it bottoming. If you are more than an inch from the bottom, your oil level is too high and you are not using all of the stroke. If you set the oil level at 120mm from the top and the zip tie is 2 inches from bottom, try 125mm from top & ride again and see where it's at. It's ok to bottom occationally off something big... just not all the time. But... you do wanna use all the travel ya can. Test my man... test!

Hmmmm so this explains why my zip-ty is an inch from the bottom.

I set mine at 90mm and was beginning to think I put in too much, I weigh 165.

I do have a question about the long skinny tube that goes in the dampner rod. Do you measure the level with it in or out? The manual does not make this clear?



I filled mine with the rod out, but when I put it in, I didn't see a measureable increase in fluid level. If it changes the level at all, I doubt the average rider would feel the difference.

One note, I also didn't fill the tube the rod goes into, I poured around the outside of it.

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