oil change

ive just done the first oil change on my 03wr450.

but didnt bleed it-is this important?

i was told to bleed it once ive changed the oil but forgot all about it and have run it for about half an hour now.

i just did the oil and filter and drained from the top frame plug,the sump plug,and the plug right behind the gear change.

thanks for any advice /tips.

have a great weekend riding :)


What do you mean by bleeding it? :)

Are you talking about loosing the bolt on the oil line on the back of the head and letting oil sweep out? If so that is just to insure you have adequate oil pressure.

I think this is a crappy way to measure pressure. Love that oil running down my head. 6 grand sould buy just alittle more. Right Right Right. I check mine every once in a while. And I change oil every 250 miles. I know this aint much help, but I only want the full package. Love this bike :)

If you ran it for 30 minutes then it is fine. You would have known after 30 seconds if you had no oil pressure. :):D

thanks for the replies.

its stopped raining here-so the motard wheels are coming off and im off in to the dirty stuff.

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