thought u might wanna see this,,,,




Stefan Everts bike take a look at the brake discs !!

i heard rumour that the bike he rode last year [basically the same] cost in the region of £125,000 ($174,000).

ive seen this thing up close a few times now, and it will be interesting to see which bits of this bike if any make it onto the 2003 model

Oh man 175K, thats pretty cheep for a works bike.

I would suspect that we would not see the trick stuff for a couple more years.

Remember Henry was riding a 426 when the 400 were selling for two years......

This bike is trick, is nice to just have what you want and themsome....


sorry this didnt post first time

carbon fibre fully floating disc brake,,,,, as i understand it this will be standard on all new Honda xr400's next year :)

$174k? I'll take one! That frame even looks better than Honda's!

I wonder what it weighs? :)

the whole bike including oil and gas wieghs a little under 3pounds

actually i bet its a lot less then the 250f,,,,,imagine that a 250f with a 500cc engine

I hope we get the frame. If not I may look a little closer at the CRF.

Order me a frame too! very nice...


I can tell ya what bits will make it to production off that bike: The radiator hoses.

Yamahas sales pitch for the 426 is: Building bigger stronger riders through weight training! :)

That carbon fibre center floating front disc available from Braking!

When there was a GP held in Australia in 2000/2001 the works Yamaha 4-strokes which had the same aluminium frame weighed in at slightly over 102kg (225 pounds). Min weight for 500cc (Open class) GP bikes is 102 kg. Note also that these are basically full works bikes with no requirements to use production parts of any sort.


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