Thinking about the Ultimate MX Hauler

Depends on what type of bike you will be using it for.?? 210lbs or 375lbs??

Would one of these be too heavy for a Jeep Wrangler's suspension?

you'll probably snap your Dana 35 in half. I'd recommend you swap out the axles before you drive it. :crazy:

but really, do you have a YJ or a TJ, do you have a lift? what type of rear bumper or hitch mount do you have? I would not use any of these racks on I hitch that is not rated for at least 500lb tung weight. these racks create a cantilever load on your hitch. the leverage multiplys the force that the hitch is going be subjected to. there are a lot of bumper hitches for wranglers that don't tie into the frame very well. they just thru bolt into the rear of the frame which is weak.

i have a TJ with a 3" lift and spacers. Not sure what type of hitch mount but i've launched boats with it

When the ultimate mx hauler is in the lowered position, are the tires on the ground?

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